Saturday, April 14, 2012

We remodeled the SAN FRANCISCO 2012 Raffle DREAM HOUSE!

The SAN FRANCISCO 2012 Raffle

When our client purchased her dream house, we wondered what she saw in this place, other than fantastic view of Marin County and the Golden Gate Bridge, over the gleaming San Francisco Bay.

But working with a talented interior designer, Nan McDowell Interiors, this became the most spectacular showcase make-over that Bay-Marin Construction had produced to date.

The kitchen was sparse, with checkerboard linoleum floor.

The exposed furnace was hidden behind a bi-fold louvered door, in a laundry room that led to the rear exit door.

It had a reddish powder room that was only usable by one lean person at a time, with a  sink that actually wore a skirt.

The living room was large and simple, with an exposed beam ceiling.

The large entry hall was beleaguered by what appeared to be a horse-stall guarding the stair landing to the second floor level.

Once entered, the second floor hallway appeared to be squeezed much like a railroad sleeping car.

The dark oak floors, and the lack of lighting made the place seem cavernous and the green master bedroom with white trim created a feeling of a large doll house.

First we gutted the kitchen and powder room. We borrowed some space from the furnace room (where a washer/dryer were) to create an alcove for the powder room sink;

completely redesigned the kitchen with new cabinets, appliances, and large slabs of limestone on wrap-around counter tops and on most walls.

We highlighted the kitchen with copper: copper sink, water spout over the stove, custom hood, and pot-hanging bars.

We tore out the ‘horse stall’ in the entry hall and added much lighting for art work, as well as a new handrail system.

In the living room we removed a large built-in window seat to add more floor space and added new bookcases on either side of the newly faced fireplace.

A huge improvement to the second-floor hallway was made by reducing the two small rooms on the east side and enlarging the hall enough to add bookcases and linen closets.

We reduced a too-small bedroom (now a great walk-in closet) and turned a bathroom into a new laundry room. We also created an enlarged master bath with a separate tub and a two person shower with limestone tile and complimentary limestone slabs for tub and counter top.

The master bedroom was greatly improved by replacing the box-like closets with two walls of closets with a series of single panel floor-to-ceiling doors.

An office was made from the spare bedroom, and a pull-down ceiling ladder gave access to much storage in the “attic”.

The well-lighted guest bedroom had the addition of a closet and had a wonderful bathroom renovation.

The dark oak floors throughout were sanded and whitewashed and a light straw gold paint applied throughout reflected the much-needed light. The final product was an uplifting, light and spacious

We at Bay-Marin Construction are so proud that our premier home remodel project has been selected to be the San Francisco 2012 Dream House Raffle house!   A dream house, indeed!

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